June 16th, 2012 As I got out of the car at Viestenz-Smith park and began assembling my equipment for the day's shoot I thought to myself, as I generally do before shooting big events, "please, let this go smoothly today!" 

At that exact moment it began to rain; and then I heard someone scream "bear!".

Thankfully it was a short rain, and thankfully it was only a baby bear who had wandered down to find food and water via the many park visitors' refuse. And lastly, thankfully my bride and groom were both good sports about the bear. We simply skirted around it to take our photos. If baby bear went North, we circled around the pond to the South - I was happy enough with that mode of operation, while always keeping one eye in the viewfinder and one on the lookout for mama bear.

All in all, the day was beautiful. I met one of the sweetest couples I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, and their reception was filled with hilariously fun loved ones.

Thanks, Brit and Stacey, for allowing me to witness your love story for a day :)