Tonight I stopped in to 5th Street Consignment Café to try my hand at on-site product photography. I had a really nice time staging merchandise and chatting with the lovely patrons who stopped in while I snapped away. If I'm going to continue hanging around this place I'm really going to have to build up a tolerance to all the goodies in the shop.  So yummy! Check out the vintage typewriter below.  I may have to go back and get it. . .   :D

Thanks again to the amazing Cassandra for letting me work on building my portfolio in the shop, and I can't WAIT to take photos of Cassandra and Roland's newest venture, Suede.

I keep hearing more about the place and it sounds like it sports an 18' garage door mural painted by local artists, several huge paintings of various swanky famous folks (Marylin, Dean, Sinatra...) by another local artist, a vintage truck inside and loads of amazing fixtures. I am chomping at the bit to get in there and see it. Hopefully I'll be able to swing by and snap some photos before the massive New Years party they're hosting breaks the place in. (Can't wait for that either!)