The moment you open the door the devine aroma of coffe and vintage welcomes you in. You glance around to see hundreds of fabulous and classy items you instantly want to take home. This place is like no other.

I found some nifty vintage camera equipment that I snatched up right away, a kitchen table that I'm still thinking about going back for, as well as several bits of art and knick-knacks that I had to restrain myself from taking home.  I highly recommend stopping in and saying hi. Just be prepared because you will undoubtedly leave with a treasure under your arm.

Ok folks, it's official; this place is the bee's knees, and the owners are fantastic to boot! I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting Roland but Cassandra welcomed me in to the store as if I were a guest in her home. We got to chatting and an hour slipped away as if it were only 15 minutes. I regretfully had to cut it short to make dinner with my father - otherwise I'm convinced I'd have been happily discussing life's successes and fears over a hot cup of Joe late into the evening.

As I start out on my new adventure I'm alarmingly aware of the type of clients and projects I will, and might not, want to work with. As far as the Consignment Cafe goes, I would be honored to work with such innovative and friendly folks; and the fact that the shop's style is right up my alley doesn't hurt either. Before I even walked in the door I had zeroed in on a beautiful old trunk displayed on the sidewalk and I was already daydreaming about how I'd photograph it to flaunt the yummy helter-skelter buckles and aged leather straps.
So, a big thank you to Cassandra for the lovely visit; and after our chat about all the great connections she's made in town I'm convinced that it's time for me to step out of my I'm-afraid-of-everything box and get involved with our fantastic Loveland community more often.
For more information, visit the 5th St Consignment Café website [] blog [] or go say hi [111 E. 5th St] and have a sandwich and relax on the big comfy sofas.