Life teaches us many lessons. The class I'm continually working on passing is Social Skills. I think I'm getting much closer!

I am extraordinarily awkward in social situations. I blush, talk too fast and incessantly worry about what to say next. We won't even talk about the LCBD networking event I attended this summer where I had to leave early before bursting into tears of frustration over how uncontrollably unnerved I was.

I choose to believe that social awkwardness is a surefire sign of genius ::giggles::

Currently, the photographers I most look up to are local cool-cats Harper Point. They have a fantastically edgy, all-their-own style that they are completely unapologetic for. I pine for 1/10th the confidence and people skills that group has. I know I'll eventually measure up in photographic skills if I work hard enough, but their social skills are something out of this world. Jason and I booked HP for our wedding this summer and Nate treated us like old friends instead of new clients - I was blown away by how comfortable I felt working with him.

I will die a happy girl if I can learn to project this kind of old-friends comfort with my clients. Keeping my wits about me will probably be my greatest achievement during this entire process.

So, until can afford a partial lobotomy, I have researched some other techniques on how to keep nerves in check and I'm diligently working to employ them in my daily life.

Surprisingly enough, the most effective one so far has been to step back and remind myself that everyone is human and any mistakes I make are not the end of my world unless I allow them to be.